Car, ute, van, boat, petrol tanker, trailer, food van, tour bus, scissor lift, bobcat, tip truck, motorbike - the question is not what the vehicle is, it's how you want it decorated.


Do you just need some simple text, maybe a phone number, and a one or two colour cut-out logo? Or a rectangular sticker with a bit of colour and imagery? A magnet for the front door? These are easy and cost effective options for vehicle branding.


Do you want to go a bit more hard core and put images on different parts of the vehicle to achieve a "look?" We can print & cut out shapes to apply wherever on the vehicle you like, including one way vision for the windows.


Or we can do a full wrap, in which we print on cast vinyl and transform your vehicle from front to back. This is not cheap but it's eye-catching and a breathtaking opportunity for creative thinking.

We prefer if you can bring the vehicle to us but are happy to travel, especially in the Kingscote area.