Big Quince Print is here to help you from concept to installation with any sort of signage you need.

Whether you need a big building sign to promote your business, or just a single name to update an honour board for your club, we can provide!

We have a wide format solvent printer, so are able to print photographic or multi-colour signs here on Kangaroo Island. We also have a vinyl cutter for lettering, and plenty of colours in stock.

We apply to windows or interior walls, place panels on building or create free-standing signs. 

We're always up for a challenge, so feel free to ask if something's possible!


Q: What will my sign be made of?

A: Sign standard now is aluminium composite panel which is lighter and more rigid than the signbond metal used 10+ years ago. It's easy to drill and screw into place. For a temporary or portable sign, we can apply the sign to corflute. If need be, we can explore other options.

Q: I have an old sign. Can you just freshen it up?

A: Possibly, but our vinyl is only as good as the surface it's stuck to. Putting it onto a painted surface limits the print's lifespan to the paint's lifespan, and we've been caught out a few times spending hours peeling off old lettering. Unless you can give it to us clean and fresh, it's often cheaper to purchase new materials!


Q: What's the difference between PRINTING and CUTTING?

A: We digitally print anything photographic, or complex, colourful images onto self adhesive vinyl. Then we add a UV inhibiting overlaminate (like clear contact), and finally put the finished product onto corflute/aluminium composite panel/your window/your car etc. If you just need simple text and only one or two colours, we often CUT the text out with our Roland vinyl cutter, then lift the letters off with application tape and apply them to your sign/window/ vehicle. This way there's no background.

Q: Is it cheaper to print or cut?

A: This depends entirely on the complexity of the sign. Application of cut letters can be more fiddly and time consuming, which often makes up for the extra cost of digital printing. We'll let you know which is best for your job.

Q: How long will my sign last?

A: This depends on what vinyl you use, and where the sign is positioned. We have a range of vinyls from cheaper monomeric (or "real estate vinyl" - assuming your house will sell in just a few months!) through polymeric (5-7 years) to premium cast vinyl (7-10 years). The biggest factor, though, is weather conditions; if your outdoor sign is North facing in full sun, it will not last as long as one under an awning facing South.

Q: Can I put together my own sign?

A: Yes, though cast vinyl and cut lettering can be tricky. A basic sticker can be applied fairly easily with instructions we'll provide.

Q: What about painted signs?

A: We have contacts we can refer you to.